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Dramoski Franklin Sr.- President 

The Exchange Club of Albany held their weekly meeting strictly following Covid-19 Guidelines. We had an inspiring program presented by Dramoski Franklin, Sr, a member of the Albany Police Department Community Service Department where he has served since 2002. He was born and raised in Albany and is a graduate of Albany High School. He is a 20-year retired and disabled Veteran, having spent time in Bosnia and Afghanistan.

His program was related to the Youth Non-Profit Organization he created and is currently President. The program focuses on the youth in Albany and currently provides football leagues for ages 5-12. He hopes to start a program for 13 and 14-year-old this year.

Dramoski as a young child at the age of thirteen learned that the police not only dealt with bad guys, they also mentored the youth of the community. He had an experience with an officer that pick him up for being out past curfew. The officer talked with him about the reason for the curfew. The office explained why at his age he should be at home. The officer took the time to take him home. His mother was not proud that he was escorted home by the police.

He said, “Believe me I paid the price for breaking the rules”, Because my mother was a loving and caring mother. I am proud to say the police mentoring did not stop with them taking me home.

I joined the Georgia Nation Guard as a senior in high to earn money, to continue my education.

This was a choice I made due my mother and family were struggling financially. In the guard Chief Michael Presley of the Albany Police Department and myself meet during training. Michael, became my mentor in the guard. He advised me and helped me make it in the Georgia National Guard. I was deployed to Bosnia, When I returned I only had a part time job,  the Georgia National Guard. Chief Presley again steps up ask me to become a police officer. I accepted his offer, because I knew I could pay forward the debt of gratitude that was paid to me by Chief Presley and other law enforcement of the community.

The two short stories told by Dramoski is what helped him make the decision to get involved with Endless Boundaries and become the President. Endless Boundaries goals are to mentor the youth in sports, school, family life, and Christian Faith. Before any practice or game everyone gathers for prayer. They provide a tutor to each child for support to keep their grades up so they can play sports. They mentor the parents to support their child, so he or she has someone that they look up to and not disappoint. Endless Boundaries attends awards programs or honors day when the parent cannot due work ect. Endless Boundaries makes all children feel special, and have the desire to achieve.

The program was very inspiring and clearly shows that the vast majority of Law Enforcement are primarily interested in the Community and Youth.

We need to focus more on supporting and working with Law Enforcement instead of finding reasons to criticize.

Thank you Officer Franklin and the remainder of Law Enforcement for everything they do!!!

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