Exchange Club of Albany Installation Banquet

The Exchange Club of Albany held their Installation and Exchangite of the Year Banquet.  Mike Trull, welcomed all of the Exchangites and guests.

Everyone knows that for the last four months our Exchange Club has had to work and make decisions under unusual circumstances. The COVID19 Pandemic has caused the Exchange to lose the ability to meet. I have missed the Friday Fellowship, because it is the glue that holds us together. However, I know we will pull up our boot straps and get back to a since of normalcy. Mike stated he would like to Thank everyone for coming out to support Our New President Jim Smith, the New Officers and Board of Directors for 2020/2021. Mike asked Cody Jolley to come forward and present the 2019/2020 Exchange of the Year.

The Exchange Club of Albany presents the highest award an Exchange Club member can receive: Exchangite of the Year.The award recognizes outstanding service and club activity through participation in recruitment efforts, club leadership positions, major club committees, projects or fundraisers. The award also seeks to recognize individuals who roll up their sleeves to volunteer and have a positive attitude, not only in the club environment, but also in the community. This years Exchangite  attended North Side Elementary, Albany Middle School, Albany High School, Albany Junior College and Valdosta State earning  a degree in business. He is married to the love of his life and lives in Lee County. He and his wife have one son, one daughter and two beautiful granddaughters. This Exchangite bleeds Orange. This years Exchangite will step up and help with Amercanism, Youth, Community Service, and Prevention of Child Abuse or any project of the Exchange. He retired from the insurance field.
The Exchangite of the Year is Gary A. Knight. Gary has been in the Exchange Club for over 35 years and is a second generation Exchangite. His father also won the Exchangite of the Year in 1987.

Gary said it was one of his proudest moments as an Exchangite, but there are many others that also work very hard to serve their community. Gary said everybody that is an Exchangite deserves an award. Gary said his father was an Exchangite and taught him to give back to his community at a very young age. His father did not have to push him to become an Exchangite. Gary knew he wanted to wear the Exchange orange. Gary said by becoming and Exchangite he knew he could give back to his community. Being an Exchangite is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Gary said it is wonderful to support Americanism, Youth, Community Service, and Prevention of Child Abuse.

Gary was very surprised in his speech when he looked up and his family was standing at the rear of the dining hall. This was a proud moment for Gary and his Family.

Fussell Hughes, the New District President and member of the Albany Club presented the District President Banner, which will be proudly displayed at the Albany Club for the 2020-2021 Exchange Club Year!! Fussell encouraged the Albany Exchange Club to drive membership for 2020/2021. Albany is one of the three largest clubs in Georgia.

The Installation was facilitated by Kathy Mize, the incoming National President through ZOOM. The Executive Committee members are: President, Jim Smith. President Elect, Ellier Gervero, Vice President, Steve Perrine, Secretary, Cody Jolley, Treasurer, Ray Hinman, and Immediate Past President, Mike Trull.
The Board Members are: Roger Marietta, Joe Najjar, Keith Land, Derrell McGee, Terry Brumbley and Sheryl Giles.
Mike Trull passed the gravel to Jim Smith your 2020/2021 President.  Mike asked everyone to help make Jim’s year a success. Jim Smith presented Mike Trull with a President plaque. Jim thanked Mike for service as President 2019/2020.

My slogan this year is ONE TEAM ONE FIGHT. As I have said before we are one and need to pull the rope in the same direction. With the team working together Exchange/Fair we can win any fight we get into. My goals for 2020/2021 are. Grow our Club, members get involved with committee projects. Members know who our Chairman of committees are.  Bring ideas to Chairman that will make our projects better and improve our club and community. I will be asking a lot this year of our Executive Board and Board of Directors. I will be standing on their shoulders for help and advice for the betterment of the club. Like Mike and all the previous presidents, my goal is to grow and move the Club forward on Americanism, Youth, Community Service and Prevention of Child Abuse. I will always listen to members ideas. Without our members we do not have an Exchange Club.

I am looking forward to carry out the duties of your President 2020/2021

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