74th Annual Southwest Georgia Regional Fair

Livestock Shows

Oct  27th – Oct 30th,   2021     



Southwest Georgia Regional Fair

2021 Livestock Schedule

October 27th – 30th


Wednesday, October 27th

8am to 12pm: Swine Arrive and weigh in

3pm Swine Show



Thursday, October 28th

8am to 12pm: Goats arrive and weigh in

3pm: Goat Show



Cattle & Sheep may begin to arrive



Friday, October 29th

9 am: Livestock Judging Contest Registration

10 a.m: Livestock Judging Contest

       8 am to 12pm Sheep weigh in

      8am to 1pm : Cattle arrive and weigh in

3 pm : Lamb Show



Saturday. October 30th

12 pm: Cattle Show

(Heifers, Showmanship, Steers)