Georgia District 2022/2023

National Awards and Patches 2022/2023

While the primary function of all Exchange Clubs is to serve in their communities through engaging in projects in the Programs of Service (Americanism, Community Service, support of our Youth plus our National Project, the Prevention of Child Abuse) local clubs also compete against each other for both District and National awards to highlight their year’s work.

Georgia District Awards 2022/2023

Ed Smiley Exchange Club of the Year Award (Large Club) Exchange Club of Albany 
Ellie Royal Outstanding Club Treasurer  (Large Club Albany) Ray Hinman
Lyman J. Walker Outstanding Club Secretary ( Large Club Albany) Cody Jolley
Harold N. McMillan Club History Book  (Large Club Albany) Steve Perrine
Leonard C. Grace Best Club Bulletin (Large Club Albany) Terry Brumbley
Millard A. Beckum Outstanding Club President( Large Club Albany) Steve Perrine
Augustus “Gus” Parker Community Service Award (Large Club) Steve Perrine

National Awards & Patches 2022/2023

Big E Award 2022-2023
Fussell Hughes National VFR of the Year
Home Club Exchange Club of Albany
Distinguished Club President 2022-2023
National Service Award 2022-2023
National Day of Service 2022-2023
National Crime Prevention 2022-2023
Club Giving Campaign 2022-2023
Child Abuse Prevention Center 2022-2023
Americanism 2022-2023
Proudly We Hail 2022-2023
Freedom Shrine 2018-2019
One Nation Under God 2022-2023
Give A Kid A Flag To Wave 2022-2023
Community Service Projects 2022-2023
Fire Prevention 2022-2023
Service to Seniors 2022-2023
Fundraising Projects 2022-2023
Book of Golden Deeds 2022-2023
Youth Service Projects 2022-2023
Youth of The Year 2021-2023
ACE 2022-2023