Exchange Club of Albany:

Serving Albany and Southwest Georgia Since September 25, 1936.
1936(Taken from The Albany Herald, dated, 08-11-1936)
NATIONAL EXCHANGE CLUB IS ORGANIZED AT LOCAL MEETING Spencer Walden, Jr., Elected President Of New Civic GroupAn Exchange Club was organized here last night and Spencer Walden, Jr., was elected President. A local branch of the “nation’s largest national service club” has been in the process of development in Albany for several weeks, it was stated at last night’s organization meeting at the New Albany Hotel, which marked the first of regular weekly meetings. A.M. Whelpley, extension representative of national headquarters, Toledo, Ohio, organized the local club, and was present at the meeting last night, at which Officers were elected. Fred Sumter was elected Vice-President; Dorris Holt, Secretary; and John P. Ventulett, Treasurer. The newly formed service club, the fourth in Albany, will meet either Thursday or Friday night every week at 7:30 o’clock. Charles A. Berkey and a number of his friends and business associates formed
Exchange in Detroit, Mich., March 27, 1911. Since that time it has grown to be one of the largest and most influential service clubs in America, with organizations in most of the leading cities. Among prominent members of the national organization are President Franklin D. Roosevelt, William E. Borah, Orville Wright and Richard E. Byrd. The late Calvin Coolidge was also a member. Rapid development of the Albany club is expected.
(Taken from The Albany Herald, dated, 08-22-1936)
EXCHANGE CLUB APPOINTS VARIOUS COMMITTEES AT MEET Board of Control, Charter Committee and Date of Meeting Selected
At the weekly meeting of the Albany Exchange Club last night at the New Albany Hotel, a board of control was elected, a committee to work on the charter was appointed, and the date for the regular weekly meetings was set. The board of control was elected as follows: Ernest Weatherbee, Hoyt Edge, Marvin Turnipseed, Joe Hughes, Bill Godley and Billy Stokes. Those appointed to draw up the charter were as follows: Hoyt Edge, Marvin Turnipseed, and Ernest Weatherbee. The members voted to hold the weekly meeting on Friday nights at 7:45 o’clock. Members of the club enjoyed a delightful dinner at last night’s meeting.
(Taken from The Albany Herald, dated, 08-28-1936)
The Albany Exchange Club will meet tonight at 7:45 o’clock in the New Albany Hotel. Elaborate plans are being made for the September 18 meeting when the club’s charter will be presented.
(Taken from The Albany Herald, dated, 08-29-1936)
At the weekly meeting of the Exchange Club, held last night at the New Albany Hotel, business was the main topic of discussion. The attendance at the meeting was excellent, Dorris Holt, Secretary of the club, announced it today. Committees were selected to start the club organization working immediately. Business matters pertaining to the uplift of the organization were discussed from the floor.
(Taken from The Albany Herald, dated, 09-05-1936.)
The Albany Exchange Club met last night at the American Legion Clubhouse, it was announced today by Dorris Holt, secretary of the club. The meeting was enthusiastic and nearly the full attendance of the club was present. The club is still discussing organization matters and business is the main topic of discussion.
(Taken from The Albany Herald, dated September 25th, 1936.)
Exchange Club To Receive Charter
Tonight at 7:30 o’clock the Albany Exchange Club will receive it’s charter at appropriate exercises at Radium Springs. The Rev. M. M. Maxwell of Griffin, a representative of the National Exchange Club, at Toledo, Ohio, who will be the primary speaker, will present the charter. Dinner will be served to about seventy-five guests who are expected. Delegates from Exchange
Clubs over the state, representatives of Albany Civic Clubs and other guests will join with the members of the local Exchange Club and their ladies in this celebration of charter night. Spencer Walden, newly elected President will preside. A short program of entertainment will include selections by a popular Negro Quartet, dance numbers, and a talk by Walter R. Brown, Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce. The club colors, blue, gold and white will be carried out in the decorations.
(Taken from The Albany Herald dated, 09-26-1936)
Albany Exchange Club Receives its Charter At Banquet Dinner is served in Main Dining Room at Radium Springs.
Beginning with a membership of twenty-three young men, the newly organized Albany Exchange Club received its charter at an enthusiastic meeting Friday Night at Radium Springs. The Rev. M. M. Maxwell, Secretary of the Griffin Exchange Club, and a former representative of the national organization presented the charter. About seventy-five guests were present, the members and their ladies, heads of local civic organizations and visitors from Macon, Waycross and Griffin Exchange Clubs. Dinner was served in the main dining room, where the club colors, blue, gold, and white were carried out in the flowers and burning tapers. The program opened with an intricate tap dance by Miss Helen Werden, followed by a brief welcome extended by Joe Hughes. The Rev. Mr. Maxwell, before presenting the Charter, explained the aim and purpose of the Exchange Club. An interesting and entertaining speaker, he interspersed his talk with clever stories and delightful bits of humor. Mr. Maxwell explained that the Exchange Club is National in its scope, a large and influential organization whose work is beneficial to its individual members and felt in the community life. He urged the members to put forth effort to reach the intended goal. The speaker showed that the club is interested in living things and in helping to solve present day problems: that it keeps before it a definite task and its members work at that as individuals and as a club. Interested in Education, the Exchange Club strives to educate the community to better ways of living and to assist those who have already begun the work. Finally, said Mr. Maxwell, the club is interested in making friends and in personal contacts which all, got us involved. Spencer C. Walden, Jr., President, who presided, accepted the Charter on behalf of the Club. An enjoyable feature of the program was a group of performers by the J.C. Davis Quartet of Albany; Fred Sumter, accompanist, rounded out the music program, rendered two numbers. Walter R. Brown, secretary of the Chamber of Commerce spoke briefly on the value of a service club, showing the need of organized effort and well as of individual work. The new club, he said, has a place in the community. Find that place and prove yourself worthy of your trust. Visitors at the charter night dinner were introduced as follows: Mallory Tippitt, representative of the County Commission, K. M. Dickson, secretary of the Kiwanis club, Mr. Floyd Alford, manager of Radium Springs, Frank Rowney, editor of the Albany Post, Walter Brown, secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, Turner Smith, President of the Lions Club. Mrs. Clara Conroy, State President of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs. Mrs. R. L. Troy, President of the Pilot Club, Mrs. R. H. Waugh, President of the Woman’s Club, J. W. Smith, Vice-President of the Kiwanis Club, Mrs. George Nall, society editor of the Albany Herald. Among the out of town
visitors in attendance were the Rev. C. Howard Matheny, Dr. W. M. Evans, Jack Beall, A.O. Johnson, H. A. Stallings, F. A. Carter, F. B. Stephens, secretary from the Waycross Exchange Club, Otis Hughes, former President of the Augusta Exchange Club, Charles M. Cork, secretary Of the Macon Exchange Club, J. S. Manley, past state President of the Georgia Exchange Club, R. L. Musser of the Griffin Club and R. G. Hunt of the Griffin Rotary Club.
The Charter members with their motto “Unity For Service” and their aim of unselfish service to humanity are:
Hoyt Edge William Godley Tom Hilsman D. J. Holt D. V. Holt John O. Huckabee Joe Hughes Franklin Jefferson W. A. Jones Richard Jordan J. M. Langley G. C. Mays W. A. Stokes W. W. Strom Fred Sumter Marvin Turnipseed John Ventulett Spencer C. Walden Jr Ernest Weatherbee Earl Williams Monroe Latham J. G. Harrell Robert Lanier.
Exchange Club of Albany,since September 25,1936 has held strong to their motto: “Unity For Service”. The Exchange Club supports 21 organizations that promote Americanism, Community Service,Youth and Prevention of Child Abuse. The members donate their time , efforts to support causes dear to their heart , community, and country ,to make America and the community we live in a better place to live.