In Memory of Exchangites

Keep A Light Burning

Light is considered pure, it dispels darkness, it nourishes life and illuminates everything.  As such light became a befitting symbol for God, the ‘Blessed Savior’, as referred to in the bible as “the light of the world” [John 8:12].   In addition, wax has its own symbolic meaning, the wax being spotless, is supposed to represent Christ’s spotless body, with the wick within it representing his soul and the glowing flame representing the Divine Nature united with the human in one Divine Person.

In Memoriam
Hudson Arthur
C. Layton
Neely Peacock Jr
George W. Mallory
Roland “Toby” Royal
Robert O. Bradley
James E. Hall
Page E. Riley
Ed Foxe
Carl Calloway
M. Durham
Jack Chambers
Ross Powell
P. Pritchett
Charles Lumpkin
Delma Posey
 J. C. Ivey
Jim Fowler
 E.E. Moody
Leonard Hirsh
Rev. Joe Frank Barton
E. “Bill” Hutchison
S. Newsome
Leslie C. Powell Jr
Henry G. Hughes
Ray Allen
B. “Slim” Wiggins
T. “Buddy” Brisbois
Jimmie D. Thompson
William H. Buntin Sr
W. “Bill” McCorkle
Luther Taylor Sr
E. “Bill” Loyless
David Martin
Alex Trohan
Calvin Key
T. McCall Jr
James D. Reeves
Monroe Latham
O. Simmons
Paul Carson
Walter Rushton
Frank “Deputy Dawg” Sumner
Tom Bryant
Bob Sauer
Charlie Foster
Charles Dees
Ron Triquet
Paul Dean
James Reese
Bruce Boggs
D. Adams
Richard Gaggstatter
C. Whitfield
William T. Jones
John Bowen
Wallace Chapman
Gene Crowe
Clayton Powell
Ed Reeves
Ray Millard
Dr. J. H. Sharman
Bob Whatley
Rhen Bishop
Spec Loosier
Mack Knight
Royce Middleton
Bill Wangen
Joe Jenkins
Joe Nichols
Bobby Jones
Franklin Coleman
Harold McMillan
Jimmy Nesbitt
Max Ladson
Raleigh Johnson
George Sellers
Wendall L. “Butch” Griffin
Robert “Bob” E. Lee
Forrest H.Russell Jr.
Gene Edmunds
Max Pickren
Raymond Barfield
Lynn Wylie
Bill Hays
Inman Owens, Jr.
Jimmy Clifton
Willard Prince
S. Hautman
Leonard Knight
Jack Bryant
Marvin Lorig
Pete Peters
Gerald Kirksey
Bridges Simmons
Bill Banks
Don Bryant
Charles Hollis
Bill Burger
Bobby Hinman
Bobby Johnston
Nelson Rushton
Jim Adkison
Randy Foster
Billy Jackson
Barney Knighton